Commercial CCTV

For CCTV equipment monitoring your business you really do not want to buy an off the shelf cheap system. We have been to countless jobs where customers have said to us after we arrived, “I wish I spent the extra and went with you guys from the beginning instead of using some cheap off the shelf product” and here is why.

With discounted Security cameras that most home department stores sell, there is a reason as to why they are so cheap. The big one is bad image quality due to a cheap lens and poor internal cabling system. Most of these systems are also only set up to record on to a tape or cheap hard drive systems.

To put this in another way you get what you pay for with security products, so you have to ask yourself this one question when purchasing a new system. Do I just want my camera system to work at a basic level and act as a cheap looking deterrent? Or do I want to have a system that can zoom in on suspects faces to a high pixel rate, have the benefit of armored camera cases that are damage proof. Have cameras that can work in all weather conditions and even track thermal or inferred images? If this sounds appealing to you then we can help give you the most innovative Security camera .

We can provide your business with:

  • Smoke and heat sensors that trigger alert and recording in an emergency.
  • Premises beams the detect boundaries being broken and result in recording and police alert.
  • Barrier control to let cars in and out and record plates
  • Remote 24 hour monitoring of a business
  • Outside cameras detect and record intruders
  • Audio capabilities to alert intruders and scare them off.
  • Remote viewing software on a clients PC
  • Armored hard drives incased in steel to stop video evidence being tampered with.

We cater for all your security camera needs here at security camera tech. If you have a budget to work with feel free to contact us and we will come up with a solution to offer you high quality goods at a rate you can afford.


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